steel valve retainers - oem replacement
Steel Valve Retainers - OEM Replacement
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KPMI® is proud to introduce one of the most unique retainers we have ever designed. The Suzuki® Hayabusa™ is a technical marvel that changed the game for the sport bike world, and we at KPMI® put in an equal technical effort to make a part worthy of such a bike. This retainer is thoroughly a product of modern engineering. KPMI® engineers spent nearly a year studying materials, and surface treatments to find the ideal balance of hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and strength. They spent countless hours refining the design with finite element analysis and the results are impressive. The new KPMI® retainer is within 1.5 grams of the O.E.M. aluminum retainer, while being 55% harder!

The design tackled several goals besides just reducing mass. Our engineers addressed the shim counterbore wear, and keeper pull-through issues of the O.E.M. aluminum retainer, with our super hardenable alloy. This new retainer also features spring shoulders that were designed to mate with the O.E.M. springs. This allows our retainer be used as a direct O.E.M. replacement, or with KPMI’s Super-Clean Chrome Silicon springs for higher performance applications. This really is the ultimate retainer for the ultimate sport bike.
Type Intake / Exhaust
Material H.T. Steel
Quantity Pkg. of 16
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