suzuki hayabusa dry sump kit
Suzuki Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit
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Introducing RLM's own Hayabusa Dry Sump Kit.

This is a complete engine kit suitable for use with all Hayabusa engines, Gen 1 or Gen 2.

All internal scavenge drillings and OEM oil cooler blank as standard (Oil cooler to be ran in the return line from scavenge pump). The pan also features 4x M8 drillings on the underside to allow for semi stressed mounting.

This is the lightest kit currently on the market! 

The following components are supplied as part of the kit:

Sump Pan
Scavenge Pump
Oil Pick Up
Sump Scavenge Fitting
Scavenge Pump Hose Fitting
Sump Pan Scavenge Frame Fitting
Oil Inlet Fitting
AN12 Oil Outlet
Scavenge Frame
Oil Cooler Blank
Drilled Stainless Sump Bung + Washer
Dowty Washers
Scavenge Tubes
Copper Washer
Oil Filter
Modified Sump Gasket
M6 Dowty Washer
All bolts required for fitment
All required O-rings

Full fitting instructions supplied.

Optional AN10 oil return fitting available.
Optional turbo drain fitting available.

We also offer two different actuator brackets so that a gear shift actuator can be mounted directly to the sump pan, saving the need for heavy and expensive brackets that bolt to the engine.

Please note that this kit requires the removal of the OEM water pump so an aftermarket electrical water pump will be required.
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suzuki hayabusa dry sump kit
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