RLM Rolling Road

RLM now have a Dyno Developments 2WD 1200hp rolling road installed onsite. The rolling road allows us to run 2 wheel drive cars in either front wheel or rear dive configuration. We can also run motorbikes and trikes.

We can undertake all work from full mapping sessions to power runs and anything inbetween.

We have experience with Pectel, Life Racing & MBE ECU’s along with Power Commanders and remapping of the standard motorbike ECU. We also are able to facilitate a number of other fuel injection systems.

We can carry out remapping to all forms of motorbikes, either on after market injections systems or the standard ECU's. We can carry out a number of adjustments with the standard ECU, including fuel tables, ignition, flat shift, launch control and rev limit changes.


Quantum Tuning - Road Car Remapping

Our rolling road allows to carry out a before and after power run to your car when carrying out the Quantum tuning remap. This proves to you that the remap is deliving the gains that were promised. There is a small additional charge for this service when carried out in conjuction with a remap.

We are also able to offer discounts to clubs, car or motorcyle, and will happily undertake rolling road days. Evenings and weekends are also avalible with prior arrangment.

We offer a discount to any competitors in the Thundersport GB racing series.

Prices start £75 + VAT per hour for mapping sessions and £50 + VAT for Power Runs.