Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Service

RLM Racing Petrol injector cleaning service:

• Electronically tested, inspected and degreased upon receipt.
• Attempted repair to seized or stuck injectors where possible
• Stripped of old micro filter, spacer, o-rings and pintle cap (where serviceable parts are available)
• Ultrasonically cleaned (including submersive pulsation)
• Flow tested and if necessary, further ultrasonic cleaning and degreasing
• Observed for faults during cycle (leak testing)
• Back washed and dried to ensure no cleaning fluid or contaminates remain within the injector
• Electronically tested
• Rebuilt using new micro filters, o-rings, spacers and pintle caps (where available)
• Packaged using bubble wrap and resealable bags prior to dispatch
• Returned to customer with service report using priority postage insured up to £500 (unless extra insurance is required)

RLM Racing Standard Service is to have your injector cleaned and dispatched within 48 hours.

Petrol injectors cleaning service £10.00 each

For more infomation please email us info@rlmracing.com or visit out shop here.