Services & Tuning

RLM Tuning services:

We offer full engine rebuild services for all makes and models of both motorcycle and car engines. Our speciality is the Suzuki Hayabusa engine, with an in depth knowledge of the GSXR1000, Honda Fireblabe and K20A engine.

We can offer all aspects of tuning work, from a complete engine strip and rebuild, top end rebuild or gearbox repair. Our engines are built to a specific specification which include measurement of compression ratios, setting of cam timing, bearing clearances, squish, cylinder head volumes and valve clearances. All components are inspected and measured for their level of wear, including crack testing.

In addition to this we can also offer the following services:

Cylinder Head Gas Flow – We are able to offer full gas flow facilities, starting with a basic stage 1 to a full CNC port and polish. This is available for all cylinder heads in both motorbike and automotive applications. This can be combined with our cylinder head services as listed below.

Cylinder Head Repair – Along with our gas flow options we are able to offer a full repair facility, this includes replacing of valve guides, skimming of cylinders heads to tight tolerances and repairing/replacing valve seats and over size valve seats for larger valves. We can repair damaged cylinder heads, including laser welding so whilst it does all depend on condition you would be suprised as to what can be repaired!


Superfinising - We are able to have smaller engine components superfinished where required.

Track Side Support – We offer full track side support for all race cars, whether it be for a track day or full race weekend. Our specialist area is motorcycle engine cars, including Radical’s. We offer full engine data support along with AIM track data. We also carry a small spares package for motorcycle powered cars. Please contact us for further information, discounts can be offered for season long support or existing race teams.

Engine Mapping – With our in house rolling road and engine dyno we have full mapping facilities for all types of engines. We have experience with Pectel, Life Racing & MBE ECU’s along with Power Commanders and remapping of the standard motorbike ECU. We also are able to facilitate a number of other fuel injection systems. The rolling road facilities allow us to remap motorcycle powered cars, an area in which we specialise. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Performance Parts Supplier – As detailed within our online store we stock a large selection of parts. We can supply everything for the smallest of washers to wiring looms, including the running gear for a variety of applications. If you do not see the item you required listed then please contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.

For information then please do not hesitate to contact us on